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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Everyone is entitled to a fair defense against criminal charges. Work with a skilled defense attorney on your case.

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Charges for violent crimes can result in serious penalties. Let an attorney help you try to avoid the worst outcome.

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Gun Offenses

Being convicted of gun crimes can have long-lasting negative effects on your life. Allow a skilled attorney to stand up for you.

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Working with an experienced attorney can help you try to reduce your charges or have them dismissed altogether.

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Drug Offenses

A drug conviction can result in heavy fines and/or jail time. An attorney will work hard to give you a fighting chance.

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Don't let your driving privileges become jeopardized. Take action to protect your rights and your freedom.

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Bond Hearings

Gregory Walker has extensive experience guiding clients as they go through the bond hearing process.

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Juvenile Hearings

A knowledgeable attorney can provide representation on behalf of juveniles involved in legal proceedings.

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Preliminary Hearings

It is crucial to have an attorney with experience representing clients in the preliminary hearing process.

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Traffic Law

Don't let an accumulation of traffic violations threaten your future. Let a legal advocate stand up for you.

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Personal Injury

You have the right to take legal action to seek fair compensation if you have been injured by another party's negligence.

Medical Malpractice

Hold medical professionals responsible for their mistakes. Let an attorney help you fight to make things right.

Scott's Law

If you have been charged with violating the "Move Over" law, consult with an attorney with experience in these cases.

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