Violent criminal charges can leave a stain on your record that can be impossible to remove.

These convictions carry long prison sentences, and life after prison will be difficult. You'll find it difficult to secure a job or find housing. But you have options-the Law Office of Gregory Walker handles murder cases in the Schaumburg, IL area.

Turn to attorney Walker for help if you're facing charges of:

•Attempted Murder

Start working on your murder defense today. Call the Law Office of Gregory Walker to schedule an appointment with a criminal attorney in Schaumburg, IL.

Trust attorney Walker for a firm criminal defense

As a former prosecutor, attorney Walker has been on both sides of the courtroom. This means he has the legal insight to look at your criminal defense from every angle. If you've been charged with a violent crime in Schaumburg, IL, such as murder or attempted murder, you can trust that attorney Walker will go above and beyond to build the strongest defense possible.