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Attorney Gregory Walker can provide you with the criminal defense you need in your criminal law matter. Gregory will help you understand the charges against you and negotiate with the court to achieve the most favorable outcome. With nearly 14 years as a litigation attorney, he has the extensive experience of going to trial and aggressively fighting for his clients so they can win a reduced sentence or a dropped charge altogether.

Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Schaumburg, Illinois. Call the Law Office of Gregory Walker now to schedule your free initial consultation. Free consultations are not only for you to get to know your possible future attorney, but Gregory also uses this time to get to know you and your story. The more he can learn about you, the more of an honest representation he can provide and the more efficient he can be with his services.

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Even a misdemeanor conviction can have a major impact on your life. If you're facing a serious criminal charge in Schaumburg, IL or the suburban Cook County area, call on attorney Gregory Walker. He's represented clients facing all sorts of criminal charges. Attorney Gregory Walker can take any criminal case, including those involving:

  • Murder/Attempted murder

  • Gun Offenses

  • Robbery/Armed Robbery/Aggravated Robbery

Even if your case seems hopeless, you can trust attorney Gregory Walker to work toward the best possible outcome. Consult a criminal defense lawyer in Schaumburg, Illinois today to protect your rights. He also serves surrounding areas of Cook County, so don't let your location keep you from hiring an attorney that has the determination and persistence to fight for your freedom.

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